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      Plan A

      We are pleased so many people like the idea and think it can work. We have seen several new subscribers, fantastic thanks for believing in the project. We also received some donations… again thanks soooo much for that.
      The postcode map is growing, and we decided to split each state into its own map. We still keep the overall map which you can find here. Active Postcode Communities

      There are a few reasons for that:
      – When you submit a classified, you can select “postcode community”, “state” and “for all to see”.
      – As we grow, more “computer power” is needed to build the Active Postcode Communities map. When I built the map for The Australia Project, I noticed some performance issues. I have cleared those up in this version, but still, believe segmentation is faster.
      – Sets the foundation for future upgrades and new features.

      We build one page and will do the others as we have time. Here is the first one Queensland Postcode Communities, each page will have their postcode communities, their classifieds for the state (if the submitter specified that).

      Let us know what you think.

      Buy us a cuppa if you like what we do.

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