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      Plan A

      Why does it take so long to get my Postcode Community page set up and why are they all different?

      We set the Postcode Community pages up manually, they are not automatically generated. Each section can be set up with its own security as in, showing to members or not. The page can be set up to only show to community members (we working to have that per section).

      The privacy of our members is key, and for that reason, we give you a lot of flexibility on your profile settings and on a community level. If you as a collective community decide that only Postcode Community members, eg 4521 members can see the page then we set that up for you.

      You as a Postcode Community “own” the page, you can decide if you want other sections or have sections removed. At the moment each Postcode Community has “out of the box”:

      • Homestead sales, sales of food by backyard growers and or semi-commercial growers. These listings are provided by the members via their dashboards.
      • Local Growers, these are growers within the postcode community.
      • Local Seed Sales same as the homestead sales but then for seeds. “Conditioned seeds” tend to grow better in the area where they “grew up”.

      The following sections are restricted by default for privacy reasons.

      • Local Exchange, a bit like a swap foodbank if you like. Read more about it on the website.
      • Community Announcements link to your postcode community forum.

      So you can see a lot of manual work, and as we update, change and include these pages will change again.



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