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      Plan A

      The proposed data set.

      A data set is a term used to group the information collected. I am not 100% sure what to collect, so consider this data set as a suggestion at the moment—something to start with. I also do not want to overcomplicate things. Simple is best.

      The dataset.

      1. PHOTO, this is an image or photo providing “proof” (for lack of a better term) of the event. You can use your phone to take a picture of a chemtrail or a screenshot of the HAARP. The image will be cropped to 500×500 for storage reasons. Required
      2. Humidity %, this is ideally taken from your weather station. If you do not have one, use Wundermap to find the closest to where you took the image. This can be a bit tricky with HAARP. In that case, take ONE that you believe will be or is being impacted by the HAARP event. Optional
      3. Temperature, see humidity %.
      4. Wind direction, see humidity %.
      5. Wind speed, see humidity %.
      6. Sky observations, what does the sky look like? This will be a dropdown with preset types being “clear/hazy/cloudy/overcast”. Required.
      7. Weather, what kind of weather is it? This will be a dropdown with preset types being “Sunny calm/sunny windy/rain calm/rain windy/overcast calm/overcast windy”. Required.
      8. Feels like what does it feel like? This can be pretty individual. For example, what is cold in Queensland is warm for someone in Victoria, but we can work it out. This will be preset types being “Cold/Cool/Warm/Hot/Humid”. Required
      9. Postcode is the postcode area where the observation was made. We use this to footprint and group. Required

      For administration purposes and not used in reporting.

      1. IP address, which we use to prevent flooding of entries. An IP address is your unique number on the internet at the time of connection, provided by your provider. If you use a VPN, you still have an IP address, but it is provided by your VPN service.
      2. Username, only known to the Trade Shack is used to ensure only members can input data. We members only do this to prevent garbage and spammers. Membership is FREE. We do understand that some will not want to become a member of the trade shack, which is fine. If there is a “big” agreement on leaving the submission open for EVERYBODY then we can “talk about that”, the main issues will be spamming and rubbish data. We found if there is some “ownership” the data is more accurate. Just keep in mind we will NOT include the administration purposes data in the reporting. The reporting is anonymous.

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