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      Plan A

      The question/statement:
      The website sounds cool, I had a look and there’s nothing in my postcode yet, but I might look into joining. I am so wary now, I find it hard to trust things.

      We do not store anything other than your user name. So far we have not been hacked but we get about 5000-odd attempts every few minutes on our server. The server is the big computer on which the website is hosted, it is owned by me and is in a secured data center in Brisbane (we do have NOTHING overseas).

      Plan B, which is $2 pm bucks (it gives you 10 classifieds listings, your business listing etc), and Plan A is the only ones that require payment. Payment is done by Strype, and again we do not save/store your credit card. We do not handle money. When you subscribe, your password is compared against a pwnd database, this means if your email and password combination is compromised on the black web, we know about it. We then prompt you to get another password.

      Profile data etc, you can be as detailed as you want, but we only need. Username, Email, and Postcode. We use the postcode to match you against a community.
      Classifieds, phone numbers, and emails are masked in the code, this means bots cannot read them. You should not get spam from it. The details are visible to humans, but during the listing, you decide if you want that shown to everybody.
      All data, adverts, messages etc related to the classified are deleted every 30 days, purged gone.

      The forum and groups are private, only the people who are approved are able to see who and what. This is all controlled by the postcode community admin (basically the first user for that postcode).
      We will introduce secure messaging soon but found a few bugs.

      Personally, I am a sucker for security and more so privacy, I have only been vocal for the last 3yrs as simply said… enough is enough.

      I looked at what FB is collecting and it is crazy…. hence the site. It is early days I hope people embrace it and run with it. It cost a lot of money to run, but if it is used then it is all worth it.
      I think we run out of food soon, and that big brother will be watching what is what in particular at FB. I’ll try to keep the site as “closed and protected” as possible eg we can only show classifieds to members. It is up to the postcode community.

      That said… “What is made by man, can be broken by man. You should not forget that” is one of my favourite sayings. But so far we have been able to keep the funnies out.

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