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Jerusalem Artichokes Grown Organically
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Organic in soil
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If it is legal, you can trade it here

Trading anything like old times

"A trading anything platform. Trade anything (legal) online hassle-free and simple for free.

What can you trade online?

Trade Anything*

Vegetables, locally made, animals, and other things. We like to make online bartering and trading easy. For free but we do appreciate coffee donations.

  • Grow your own vegetables and sell them online to your local community. 
  • Trade or barter your skills for projects.
  • Advertise and sell homemade goods.
  • Grow animals and have good husbandry practices, then barter or exchange your excess stock. 
  • Plan B gets your favorite status.

Working towards a shorter supply chain, the shorter the better. 

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Adding your listing is FREE

It does not cost money to be part of Trading anything, we love coffee and accept donations. The site is purely paid by membership fees, advertising revenue on some pages, and Homesteader out-of-pocket expenses.  

When you list a commercial/semi-commercial growing business we ask you to subscribe to Plan B, which is only $2 per month. It helps a lot towards the cost of the website. 

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