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What is the truth about Chemtrails?

Geoengineering and chemtrails in Australia

What is the truth about Chemtrails?

Let us find out what is the truth about chemtrails. For many years now, I been looking at different messages, posts and videos about chemtrails. To be honest, I am not sure. I do not know if they are real, and I do not know if they are hype.

The question is, “How can we find out the truth about Chemtrails?”

There is no way we can get access to the planes before and after they have been earmarked as chemtrailers (planes that make the chemtrails). It is also very expensive to take a real sample when the chemtrail occurs. So what shall we do? 

How do we find out about


I for one, do not have the funds to chase planes in the sky, I do not have the equipment to analyse stuff up there. So what do we do? 

Let’s start keeping a log of chemtrail observations. Join the Australian effort on recording chemtrails. It is free and secure, and the data will be available for all to use. I have been tinkering with this a little, and you can find the thought process and data collection ideas in this post, “Chemtrail Research“, I discuss the rationale and components and also invite you to participate in the discussion to get the best data set

The diagram below shows the total chemtrails by state, we soon will report in more detail by chemtrail. We need your help to record more, so pleas enter your Chemtrail sighting. 

Chemtrail data collection


Data collection.

When a chemtrail is observed, a picture should be taken, and basic data as to what direction you are facing, weather information and your postcode should be recorded online. 

Would it not be great if we can map WHERE and WHEN  chemtrails are made.

Once we have enough data, we can map, using the postcode, where the spraying happens. We then can see how often, under what weather conditions and what impact it might have. 

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Chemtrail data

The Vision

Chemtrail prediction.

If we collect enough data, in theory, we can establish a pattern as to when and where chemtrails are. This, in turn might help to “predict” where they might occur.  Would it not be nice to know when a spray might occur, so you can either prepare or move out of the way? 

Chemtrail footprints. 

Postcodes are a safe way to identify the location, without revealing private information. The vision is to have a map showing the chemtrail observations by postcode. Basically, the same as we currently do to show the Trade Shack postcode communities. For the purpose of self-sufficiency, this can be key, if the chemtrails are often released in a certain area based upon our data logging, then that might be a “good to know” for those who look towards healthy self-sufficiency. 

Chemtrail welbeing impacts. 

Chemtrails appear to have an impact on health. I am not going to argue here if they do or don’t the data will answer that question. As part of the data collection, some basic symptoms data is asked. We can use this again to classify what health aspects a chemtrail might have. 

It might be a good idea to collect structured data on the impact on vegetables and other food we are growing. This to identify if there is any impact. 

Chemtrail data

The Process

Record the Chemtrail

When you observe a chemtrail, record it in our database, the post about Chemtrail Research has more information on how to do it. 

Chemtrail reporting

After chemtrails are captured, we will set up reporting and graphs on the chemtrails to provide who, what and where information.

Chemtrail research

I know all those other chemtrail and geoengineering websites, and I encourage them to participate in the data collection. The data is free for all to use. I will not have a monopoly on it. 

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