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You asked, we “fixed”.

We simplified the Trade Shack dashboard one place to “rule it all”.

Trade Shack dashboard (Simplified)

We simplified the tradeshack dashboard, withe a focus on Trading and Honest Local Businesses. 

After you login you now get guided to the screen on the right, it has four tabs. 

  • Enter Classifieds, In this section, you can enter your Backyard grower’s classifieds the veggies, and homemade stuff you have. 
  • Enter Classifieds also allows for entering your local business information, we focus on businesses that grow and sell food locally at this stage. Feel free to enter your business, it is FREE for Plan B members who pay $2 per MONTH.
  • Membership, manage your membership information from here. 
  • Your Profile links to the more complicated dashboard. 
  • Forums and Groups link to groups and find members. 
Tradeshack Simplified Dashboard

Postcode Community Menu

We updated the postcode community menu. It now is more “self-explanatory”. 

  • Backyard Produce lists the produce for sale in your local community. This section is for members and non-members to view. 
  • Local Exchange is the address/content for your Local Edible Exchange. Only members of the postcode group can see this. 
  • Growers list the local growers in the area. This can be commercial and non-commercial growers. For all to see, only Plan B members can add their business. 
  • Directory, a listing of businesses in the local area that source their materials within a 50 km radius. 
  • Seed Exchange, soon to be launched vegetable seed trading. 
  • Community Anouncements. 

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